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The only constant in our world is change. Customer requirements, business conditions and the needs and expectations of your team—they never stop evolving. It’s a daily challenge.

We keep an eye on IT trends so you can prepare for the future, focus on your customers and create a conducive working environment within your organisation. The products, services and solutions we offer will keep you on the cutting edge of technology, laying a reliable, worry-free foundation for the future.

Discover the IT trends of tomorrow, plan ahead and be proactive.

Let’s connect – IT’s easy mit ARP.

We’ve been using the ARP online shop for many years and are very satisfied. A large number of products are kept in stock and can therefore be quickly available. The goods are virtually always delivered to us on the next business day. This is important to us because, for various reasons, we aren't able to stock our own hardware and IT consumables. Since most prices are lower than those of the manufacturers themselves, it makes sense for us to buy our notebooks and workstations from ARP. And if we order incompatible products by mistake, ARP is always lets us return them, no problems. We also find it helpful that ARP presents new products on their website—it keeps us up to date! A dependable contact is also just as important for us, and Ms Stadelmann is both a friendly and capable advisor. All of these points encourage us to maintain our good business relationship with ARP.


Robert Rieser

TBF + Partner AG


What we appreciate about working with ARP is getting their skilled and fair advice on a daily basis. We're always kept in the loop about new products and upgrades which is very important for our customers. I’m looking forward to continue working with ARP.


Vladimir Bocanek

Anthos Swiss Service Office AG


We’re very pleased to have found in ARP a supplier that understands our needs as a global business, gives us expert advice, and always finds solutions that fully satisfy our internal customers, even for special requests – and for orders of all sizes.


Stefan Huwiler

MSD International GmbH


We like ordering from ARP – their online shop is excellent. And their sales team always has a great advice for us!


Regula Grunow
ParkingTec AG


It’s with great pleasure that I can describe ARP’s consultation and offer services as very competent, obliging and quick. Their extensive offering is also very convenient for us, because it means we can get everything we want and need from a single supplier. In this respect, I can’t recommend ARP highly enough.


Amir Bandally,

Head of Facility Management and Procurement, SVA St. Gallen


I have to agree with Amir Bandally's observations. Most of all, I value the extensive range of products that ARP has in stock that can be delivered on the day after ordering.


Bruno Lautenschlager,

Head of IT, SVA St. Gallen


We’ve chosen ARP Schweiz AG as our principle supplier for many reasons. We at Zermatt Bergbahnen AG operate our cable cars 365 days a year, so it’s crucial for us to receive our orders as quickly as possible. Furthermore, ARP Schweiz AG gives us excellent pricing conditions that are always very competitive. And last but not least, the staff at ARP Schweiz AG have helped reduce our operating costs by recommending superb alternative products.


Matthias Amacker,

Zermatt Bergbahnen AG