Software Asset Management.     

In order to be able to install new software, end users and co-workers from the IT department are closing contracts every day with software manufacturers. Study after study shows that only the smallest portion of users or administrators actually read these contracts all the way through. Most of the time, they agree blindly to use the software within the framework of the license conditions. These are rarely formulated in an understandable way. And the more workspaces in your company, the more software is used by your employees.

For license management, a full overview is quickly lost, and capital is bound into licensing that is maybe not even required. A good Software Asset Management supports you in keeping an overview on your licenses. Our experts will gladly guide you through the process from first consultation through implementation all the way through to expiring license audits. We support you by working out a strategy for application of such SAM tools over the entire life cycle of your installed software.

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Software Asset Management brings structure to your existing licenses.

SAM is a sub-discipline of IT Asset Management, which takes care of the management of all of your IT assets. This refers to hardware, network components as well as software. The Software Asset Management inventories the software installed on the PCs by running an analysis of the entire network. The SAM also compares this with the individual licenses purchased. With such license management, you can quickly see which licenses will be required or which contingencies still exist. Also, falsely installed or outdated software can be found quickly.

Use licenses properly and make the most of your IT investments.

The overview which you have with Software Asset Management helps you to control and better target your IT spending. Often, there is still legacy software from previous users installed on the computers that you no longer had in mind. This unused software costs money and, in many circumstances, is missing from other users. A good license management tool can save you a lot of money. After all, you do not need to buy new licenses as long as you have enough software licenses to meet the needs of your IT systems.

Good license management ensures security.

A software license is nothing more than a contract between you as a user and the software manufacturer as a partner. Each manufacturer has its own license models, which is often dependent on the number of users, or even on the hardware. Even managed services and cloud computing cannot be done without licenses. And soon you have an enormous number of different licenses and conditions to deal with. SAM’s license management ensures your compliance with these different licensing systems and manufacturers’ specifications.

Regular internal software audits keep the data up to date so that compliance is guaranteed even during a manufacturer audit. The risk of financial and, where appropriate, legal consequences due to sub-licensing is minimized.

Keep your installations up-to-date with a Software Asset Management.

In times of increasingly frequent attacks on company networks, a software that is up-to-date on all systems is a major factor in the security of your entire IT infrastructure. An asset management helps you put the updates for the software and tools into use at an early stage and on all connected computers. Additionally, this reduces the load on your IT management. Your IT budget is spared and it frees up time for important projects that drive your organization forward.

Why it pays to introduce software asset management for your business after it reaches a certain size.

In order to assess whether license management is of interest to you by means of a software asset management tool, you first have to understand which goals are being pursued with a SAM solution. Strategically, a software asset management system has the following goals:

  • It reduces the cost of software and support by reorganizing non-installed or incorrectly installed software.
  • It ensures compliance with the company's security policies and software manufacturer specifications.
  • It improves employee productivity because the right software is delivered and updated faster.
  • It reduces overhead in managing and supporting software by automating processes.
  • Processes are introduced which have a long-term impact on the purchasing, documentation, distribution, use and retiring of software.
Everything you need for software license management with ARP.

Are you interested in a professional license management and would like to get an overview of the licenses used or of all the IT assets in your company? Our experts will gladly advise you and look forward to hearing from you.

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