Software Licensing​.

Procurement and licensing of software products and compliance with manufacturers’ license terms is a growing challenge, especially for large enterprises. You quickly lose track even with a relatively small number of workplaces. As a licensee, you enter into an agreement with the software manufacturer during the installation, which usually strictly regulates the use of the software.

A violation of the provisions of such a license agreement can have expensive licensing consequences. Our experts put your license management on a secure footing and achieve convincing savings opportunities with our holistic solution, including your license procurement.

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Get an overview of your software licenses with one holistic solution.

In contrast to physical goods such as computers and smartphones, which you acquire through a purchase agreement, you receive the right to use the software according to the terms of the software manufacturer when purchasing intangible goods such as software licenses. Just as you get the right from a hotel to use the hotel room for the booked period, you can also use the software for a specific purpose or for a specific period of time. However, subletting is usually excluded in both cases. As different as the intended use of a software can be, so are the business models of the manufacturers. As a result, there are a variety of different scenarios.

Possible Software License Models:

  • Software boxes where you get the software on a physical disk.
  • Classic licensing per workstation or user.
  • Volume licenses for the entire company.
  • OEM licenses for resale.
  • Licensing models where the hardware is limited (e.g. number of processor cores).
  • Subscription models with flexible or fixed validity periods.
  • Cloud solutions like Office 365 License, Azure, AWS, Cisco.

The internal organization of such licensing is often the responsibility of the IT department. They are, however, regularly busy with the daily tasks. Many companies are therefore very neglectful in dealing with this important issue. With our individually tailored services and our know-how, we offer you a holistic solution for your software licensing.

We offer you a clear and transparent overview of your licenses and can reassign them if necessary. A new acquisition, for example, a Microsoft licensing for Windows is then not necessary when changing staff.  Even if you need a license for new software, you can benefit from our extensive partner network and handle your license procurement through us.

ARP service: Independent advice and comprehensive service for suitable software.

Because we work together with many well-known manufacturers, we are able to provide you with comprehensive support in your license management. We identify which licenses you already own, identify your actual needs, and help you avoid over-, as well as, under-licensing. Of course with Microsoft products as well as with the use of other software licenses and solutions – upon request also with its own software asset management solution.

Avoid licensing problems.

The risks for you as a licensee in the event of a license agreement violation or sub-licensing are very high. Well-known cases often result in severe cash penalties for companies or even legal consequences. A very high price that you can avoid having to pay with the right licensing. Restore your software licensing and trust our many years of experience.

License procurement with ARP.

Do you want to know more about our software licensing solutions? Then contact our experts. ARP stands by your side as a reliable partner and provides you with everything from a single source: detailed advice, our comprehensive service and the most suitable licenses for you.

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