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The Cloud has arrived at many companies in the past few years. In particular, many companies are enthusiastic about the possibilities to work in a mobile way and anywhere, even if initially they were sceptical if anything about the topic of the Cloud. A large part of this new acceptance has to do with the Internet of Things. But also software packages from the Cloud, such as Office 365 from Microsoft, reduce the entry hurdles with their moderate price and provide positive experiences in the business. The Cloud solution thus became the underlying technology for digitisation in the companies.

But Software as a Service (SaaS), as with the Microsoft products, is just one of the many possibilities provided by the new technology. Cloud Computing, Machine Learning or Infrastructure-as-a-Service go well beyond the mere provision of software or Cloud-based storage. Our experts determine your needs together with you and support you in your entry into the Cloud.

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Cloud solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

In the meantime, the majority of the larger companies has recognised the opportunity that can be offered by the Cloud market. They also have decided on Cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive and the Amazon Cloud Drive or else use the e-mail addresses from the Cloud. The advantages of those solutions as opposed to on-premise solutions are clear: storage space is expensive to buy and requires maintenance as well as a lot of electricity, and it takes up space. Added to this are the many very advantageous payment models, especially for the customers: starting with monthly billing and going on to Pay-As-You-Go offerings, in which you only pay for the services that you actually used, there are many CSPs who make possible billing models that are often markedly more cost-effective for corporate users than what had been normal before – buying the complete license.

However, medium-sized companies often still have huge reservations related to the security of the data. This point of view is easily understandable in view of the many negative headlines in recent years. And even though most of the Cloud Solution Providers now use two-factor authorisation to ensure secure access, there is always the problem that the data usually is stored outside Europe. But the storage of data within the EU is an important criterion when selecting the right provider, especially for companies from Germany.

As a reaction to this, the number of offerings on the German market as well has increased. Many renowned and well-known manufacturers now offer their own solutions to the critical companies that are attracted by this central aspect.

Partnership with Bechtle enables genuine Business Cloud Solutions hosted in Germany.

As a part of the Bechtle group we can offer Cloud-based solutions that guarantee the storage of your data in our computer centre in Frankfurt. Thanks to this fortunate circumstance, being part of a strong corporate group, we also have the advantage that Bechtle can offer you Microsoft Cloud Services in its capacity as a Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider. Furthermore, besides the above-mentioned Office 365 and OneDrive, Microsoft offers Dynamics 365 and Azure in the business environment.

In its capacity as a Cloud Solution Provider the Bechtle group works of course with the main providers next to Microsoft. We are pleased to be able to offer you genuine business Multi-Cloud solutions which you can put together individually according to your needs. For example we also have the Amazon Web Service or the Adobe Cloud products in our portfolio, next to the Microsoft Online Services we offer.

Cloud solutions for your industry.

As an IT service provider we can look after all areas of Cloud solutions. Regardless of whether you commit completely to a Public Cloud or prefer to set up a Private Cloud within your own IT infrastructure. Even Hybrid Cloud solutions in which you link the two forms together are possible. Thanks to our strong partner network, we are also equipped to tackle the special challenges that your sector poses for Cloud services.

Education, financial services or healthcare are just three of the sectors in which special attention must be paid to IT security and the Cloud applications and Cloud infrastructure that are used. As a CSP, we have customers from all sectors and understand that the data stored here must be given special protection. The security of Cloud services has top priority and it is necessary to ensure that only your employees can gain access to it and only those who are actually familiar with the topic can process it. We understand that and take these requirements very seriously.

The advantages of the Cloud for your business.
  • Flexible and agile IT
  • Lower investment costs (CapEx)
  • Automation of many services
  • Less responsibility for the infrastructure, more time for projects and innovations
  • No more unused resources
  • High availability due to the Cloud
  • Scalable IT infrastructure to handle varying workloads
  • Always the latest hardware, middleware and software
  • Faster and better provision of resources, since the entire network environment is displayed as software
  • Simple setting up of test and development environments
  • "Demilitarised zones" (DMZ) can be outsourced to the Cloud
  • Quick Disaster Recovery via the Cloud
  • More business innovations thanks to new Cloud services

When selecting the right Cloud, it is necessary to consider for which application scenarios services from the Public Cloud are applicable and where a Private Cloud would be a better approach. In the last resort, many companies have important customer information or research documents that they are reluctant to place outside their own company. Added to this are the intensified regulations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Those who fail to comply with this risk hefty fines in the future.

Are you thinking about which Cloud offerings you wish to make use of and, for example, of making your mobile-working employees even more flexible with online storage? Or do you wish to be able to flexibly expand your IT infrastructure to meet your needs in future by using suitable IaaS solutions? Working together with your IT department, we devise a custom solution independently of Cloud platforms and providers. We would be glad to give you further information about the various services and Cloud providers. We look forward to your inquiry.

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