Licence procurement, software maintenance and asset management from a single source.

Organising software assets can often tie up a large amount of enterprise resources, but the devil is often in the detail. Licences tend to be limited to a certain period of time, can only be used by a precise number of employees and are often tied to specific hardware. Software as a Service and software solutions from the cloud tend to entail a wealth of licences depending on the services booked.

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If you lose the overview, software vendor audits could quickly see you facing high costs or legal consequences. With the right support, these resources can be better used for your IT projects. Software maintenance and licence management are simple, but only when a comprehensive consulting service focusing on the licences you actually need shines alight on the costs for your customised solution.

Gain an overview of installed software, licences used and their licence conditions right from the off and increase enterprise security because after all, legacy software is a gateway for hackers. The damage caused by such an attack is difficult to quantify these days, because the financial loss is often accompanied by a considerable dent in your company’s reputation.

Provider-neutral software licence management consultation.

Integrating different software solutions into your existing IT infrastructure and business software can vary in complexity depending on your company’s requirements and the respective project. The same is true of the solutions that are discussed during consultation. Optimising existing licence management solutions is, of course, as possible as introducing digital asset management or the procurement of licences for the software solutions standard to your industry.

As an IT service provider with many years of experience and close partnerships with vendors such as Microsoft, we work together with you offering advice and support to find the best solution for your needs.


Over 30 years’ consulting experience and your strong partner for cloud solutions.

Digitalisation is posing difficult questions of the various industries, and, as part of the Bechtle Group, we are well acquainted with the challenges of everyday business. This is why we should be your service provider of choice for the procurement, administration and optimisation of software licences, enterprise cloud computing solutions or the maintenance and support of your existing software solutions from numerous providers.

Our managed services provide all this and more and all from a single source and there won’t be any need to worry about the next software audit either. We’re here to help!

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We can support you in developing the right strategy for your installed software’s complete lifecycle and also help with implementation.



The cloud has become an integral part of businesses over the past few years. Our experts analyse what you actually need and offer support during implementation.



Our experts will set up licence management and show you how you can protect your investment by using your software efficiently.



Success Stories Software Solutions.

We’re very pleased to have found in ARP a supplier that understands our needs as a global business, gives us expert advice, and always finds solutions that fully satisfy our internal customers, even for special requests – and for orders of all sizes.


Stefan Huwiler

MSD International GmbH


What we appreciate about working with ARP is getting their skilled and fair advice on a daily basis. We're always kept in the loop about new products and upgrades which is very important for our customers. I’m looking forward to continue working with ARP.


Vladimir Bocanek

Anthos Swiss Service Office AG


We like ordering from ARP – their online shop is excellent. And their sales team always has a great advice for us!


Regula Grunow
ParkingTec AG


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