Network infrastructure.

Millions of gigabytes of Data are transmitted over company-internal networks every single day. To make sure that your network infrastructure is up to this challenge, it’s important to lay the groundwork during the planning stage. Network optimisation can, however, also be carried out during operations. Our network technology and security specialists provide independent advice and help you find the right solution for your business’s network infrastructure.

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LAN, WLAN and WAN - Network infrastructure for every eventuality.

A LAN is a wired network, most frequently used when bandwidth-intensive applications need reliability. Modern IT infrastructure, however, offers so much more than data transfer—even supplying power using PoE switches is nothing special these days.

You can now integrate control technology and a multitude of sensors into your network to achieve convenient building automation, with modern LAN switching supporting the integration and communication of a range of devices and systems in your network environment.

WiFi networks in buildings and public areas.

The number of mobile end devices and machines with WiFi interfaces these days makes WiFi networks indispensable. The question is no longer if wireless LAN should be used, but rather, which areas need to have coverage to enable efficient working. However, it also isn’t enough just to install an access point or WiFi router! Important points to consider when using a wireless network include:

  • How stable is the connection in various parts of the building?
  • Is there good coverage in the whole building?
  • Is there secure access for both business and personal devices (BYOD), as well as for guests?
  • Are value-added services (analytics, localisation) needed in addition to a data link?
  • Is there an easy way to manage the IT system and perform system maintenance and troubleshooting throughout the network?

The answers to these questions are especially important when WiFi is needed for public spaces, and IT security should also not be neglected. As an IT service provider, we work together with our partners to create a comprehensive package to cover all of these points. Starting with a consultation, we are by your side during planning and installation of the new active network components in your IT environment and also provide comprehensive on-site service. We work with systems including:

  • Cisco Meraki
  • HPE Aruba
  • Aerohive
  • Ubiquity 

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Wide Area Networks for smooth communication between locations.

If a company has several locations and is also active abroad, sooner or later the question arises as to how data transmission and communication between the locations can be simplified while avoiding multiple data storage. In this situation, it’s important to include mobile workers from the very beginning as they need to be able to connect to your servers while offsite. You can set up your Wide Area Network in various ways:

  • As a self-operated WAN, where your IT controls everything—from cabling between the individual locations to software for encrypting data transmission.
  • As a Managed Service with a network service provider. In this case, the provider takes care of the cabling at the locations, provides the WAN router and offers service agreements to provide operational support. This is the most standard way of operating a WAN.
  • As a VPN over the internet. In this case, publicly accessible network services and infrastructures such as the internet are used and a VPN tunnel over the internet is created to enable secure data transmission. 

Our experienced network specialists are happy to advise and support you in making your decision, helping you to develop a strategy for the installation and implementation of your WAN. We work exclusively with well-known vendors and devise solutions for bandwidth and network optimisation in your WAN from the outset.

Assessment and extensive support also for existing networks.

Network assessments are a part of our package of IT services enabling a full analysis of your IT network. We document the current status and carry out a performance analysis of your applications using the results to find old hardware and identify bottlenecks and speed issues, before you receive a comprehensive collection of information to optimise your network infrastructure.

For a fast and efficient analysis of the WiFi on your premises, we only use professional software such as SiteSurvey Pro and other special equipment, enabling us to minimise the potential for interference later on right from the start, without the need to close your office, store or warehouse. What’s more, our tests are always carried out under realistic conditions.

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