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Data security has to be a top priority for businesses. However, events over the last few years have shown that a lot of companies are vulnerable and not very well prepared. A quick read through blogs or news sites illustrates the problem: Companies and their local networks are frequently accessible without firewalls or any other network security.

DOS and man-in-the-middle attacks are so easy and can cause substantial financial damage. Of course, with so many security services providing network security, it’s easy to lose track of all the available solutions and to find out which provider you can really trust. The ARP experts are on hand to advise, provide information and develop a clever IT security concept— before an attack is launched!

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Network security is the order of the day. What is a good IT security solution?

There isn’t really one answer to this question. Every company and each business model has its own needs. A company working with big data has different needs compared to one that simply processes sensitive data, making it quite tricky to find the right IT security provider. That is why our experts view the security of your networks holistically and work with you to find the right solution for your IT security.

The following list can give you an initial—but far from complete—overview of the possibilities of next-generation firewall solutions. They include:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Deep Paket Inspection
  • Intrusion-Prevention-/Intrusion-Detection-Methods
  • Access Controll in LAN and WLAN environments
  • Encryption on MAC layer level and of WAN connections
  • Detection of Malware, DDoS- and DeOS-Attacken based on abnormal behaviour of Clients (Malware, DDoS- and DeOS-Attacken)
  • Analyze traffic to detect threads on an early stage.


Furthermore, other supporting measures can also be employed:

  • Network components with integrated security functionality protect, for example, against address spoofing, false identities and man-in-the-middle attacks.
  • End-to-end implementation of security policies across the entire corporate network.
  • Endpoint security to protect the client.
  • Comprehensive, connected security management for a full overview of network security.


Network security means knowing who has access.

To be absolutely sure that only authorised users are able to communicate and exchange data over the internal network, you should consider introducing Network Access Control that acts in much the same way as a door key.

You wouldn’t leave that lying around for everyone to pick up, would you? End devices need to be authenticated and authorised before they can connect to the network. Role-based policies make it possible for the users to access the content they need for their work, plus you can easily grant access to users using mobile devices from outside of the company network using a Virtual Private Network.

Your company’s IT security concerns all employees.

IT departments have a lot of different bases to cover when it comes to the security of a company network, protecting the system from both internal and external attacks. They can do this by employing technical measures such as firewalls, but they can and must also set up rules of conduct and ensure that they are complied with, as unauthorised access or even sabotage are mostly the result of employees’ ignorance.  Something as simple as being careful when using the internet helps to efficiently protect the entire network.

From IT consultation and project management to penetration tests and assessments - your IT security is close to our heart.

As a reliable provider of IT solutions, ARP is your partner in the area of IT security consultation. Together, we can help you develop solutions for secure networks. Our consulting includes a holistic view of your network security: Our priority is to protect against attacks, regardless if that means DDoS, virus or complex man-in-the middle attacks.


We can also develop test scenarios and early penetration tests of your company firewall together with your IT administrator. Get in touch with us before the next cyber attack has the chance to trick your IT security. We look forward to hearing from you.

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