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Mondays in Zurich, Tuesdays at a meeting in Munich and from Wednesday onwards on an important business trip in the United States. Mobile devices enable us to continue working despite these many business trips.  The benefits of mobile working can be seen daily, how we operate away from our fixed workplace. This is not just important for business, but it is also significant on a personal level: More and more employees want to make the decision as to where they work.

Digitalization, home offices and models like remote desktops have been the norm for companies and employees for a long time now.

Office premises are becoming smaller and smaller, co-working, mobile workstations and flexible working hours are becoming increasingly important.

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Out and about or in the office: Access to the company network from anywhere thanks to Remote Desktop.

Employers are faced with these specific challenges nowadays:  their employees ‘aspirations have changed considerably in recent years, customers expect service around the clock, digital working has long been integrated into everyday life. This is also apparent in IT matters: employees need the appropriate equipment to enable them to work on a mobile basis anywhere.

The right computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone is needed to equip the mobile workplace properly. In addition, studies also show that employees who are equipped with modern and flexible IT are happier and work more effectively.

Companies should facilitate flexible working.

Therefore, combining fixed and mobile work places needs to be taken into account. Employees should be allowed to access data from anywhere in order to work flexibly – whether from the office or from an outdoor café.

The right integration of mobile devices to the computer via appropriate connections is therefore also needed, rather than simply looking at the mobile workplace as a separate entity.

Flexible working is the cue: the seamless transition from the office environment to the mobile workplace should be achievable as quickly as possible and effortlessly – likewise the exchange of information and liaison between colleagues. Flexible workplace arrangements are becoming increasingly important for firms in the wake of digitalization – as are working relationships online and in real time with clients, suppliers and colleagues around the globe.

In addition to using laptops, smartphones and tablets for the mobile workplace, there are also options such as the Remote Desktop. There are various application scenarios for Remote Desktops. For example, mobile employees can access the operation from anywhere with network access to their own PC.  Flexible working is therefore made much easier.

Mobile Workstation: The benefits for employers and employees.

Current studies show the diverse benefits of mobile working. We have compiled three advantages of flexible workplaces for you:

Job satisfaction, work performance and quality develop positively.

Mobile working also often means flexible working. This can result in greater productivity. Staff can therefore deploy their manpower more freely.  This creates a more positive attitude towards the workplace, whether this be the office, home office or out and about.

Employees can organize their working hours better – in line with their daily routine.

Everyone is familiar with this: You are feeling out of sorts at work and can hardly concentrate. Flexible working arrangements and mobile working enable workers to take breaks when they need them. Time spent on the train or at an airport which would normally be wasted can then effectively be used for work. This increases effectivity.

Employees form closer customer relations.

Spending the whole day simply sitting at a desk in the office can hinder close contact with customers. Flexibility in terms of time enables the workforce to build better customer relationships. This gives them a better feel for the market and customer needs.


However, these diverse benefits also present challenges. Companies have to create clear rules for the flexible office. Appropriate tools need to be made available in the working environment: office space needs to be suitably flexible and, in addition to the appropriate hardware, the correct software and apps must be used. In addition, the matter of security is also important with regard to mobile working: companies should not only develop a strategy for mobile working in their firm, but also take appropriate security measures because, if employees can access the network – wherever they are – this can quickly create a security leak.  


Appropriate preparation is therefore required to enable worry-free and efficient mobile working.

Everything for the mobile workplace in the ARP Online Shop and also on a project basis.

Give your staff the chance to work with customers and partners away from the office with the Remote workstation.

At ARP we don’t just offer you the latest technology IT to enable efficient mobile working. We also happily provide you with advice regarding the best solution for your company – no matter what sector you work in. Discover our large selection of hardware, software and connection technology for your staff’s remote workstations in our online shop or get in touch with us!

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