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Flexible – Mobile.

The modern workplace is flexible and mobile. Do desktop PCs have any importance at all in this scenario? Yes, because in the next few years as well employees will spend their time in the office and the desktop PC remains one of the established standards for efficient working. But what will change will be the overall conditions of the workplace and the interaction with the office and flexible working. Current desktop solutions are, for example, Thin Clients. These “thin” PCs make easy and flexible working possible.

Because comprehensive hardware and the associated moving parts can quickly cause space bottlenecks, especially in small offices. In the next few years office space will become ever more expensive, since rents are rising. The result: smaller workplaces, that must be set up more efficiently.

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Thin Clients: part of the overall system.

Anyone who does not want to do without desktop PCs here will find that Thin Clients can be a genuine alternative. Thin Clients are flexible and convenient to set up, and in view of their compact construction, being a slimmed-down PC, they can fit into any workplace. This means that Thin Clients are just handling the data entry and are managed centrally, which makes them a very cost-effective solution. The central management means that data is better protected, since local storage is not possible any longer.

The programs and updates are also installed centrally, thus making the management of the PCs simpler and more cost-effective. And nonetheless you can work on a Thin Client in just the same way as on a conventional PC: the central management and control makes it possible for a Thin Client to have access to centrally stored data. In this way thin Clients offer the advantage that they are configured  as small and very economical embedded systems.

They do not use much electric current, are often very cheap to buy, and the central management of the system makes it possible to change a defective Client very quickly.

Thin Client solutions and desktop virtualization.

Thin Client solutions save in interaction with virtualization costs, because the administration work is centralised. Thus, for example, software updates can be installed quickly and easily, because only individual images need to be updated instead of each Client individually. Thin Client solutions are ideal for the flexible workplace: processes can be automated, hardware is reduced to a minimum. In addition, thanks to virtualisation there is not an uncontrolled proliferation of applications or operating systems.

The users can hardly store anything locally – no virus scanners or firewalls are needed on the Clients. Operating systems can be installed easily and are managed centrally.

Comprehensive Thin Client solutions and flexible workplaces.

Before you integrate new hardware into your structure, you should first deal with the requirements for it. We have put together a number of questions for you, which you should answer first. We would also be very glad to work on these together with you so that we can provide a suitable and comprehensive solution for you.


Your benefits at a glance:
  • What are the needs of your employees? How do they work?
  • Is an interaction between mobile work and working on the desktop PC covered?
  • Which programs with high hardware requirements are installed on the computer? Or would a Thin Client solution be adequate?
  • What equipment is there already, and what does the office environment look like?
  • Do you have a security concept and how can new equipment be integrated into it?
  • Can the employees bring their own devices into the office and work on them (BYOD)? Is that intended in future?
  • What is the interaction between the various devices, accessories and applications?

We would be glad to advise you and find together with you the appropriate Thin Client solution so as to set up your modern and future-oriented workplace.

ARP offers Thin Client solutions from leading vendors.

APP will support you as a partner in all IT matters; everything from the procurement of individual devices up to the provision of large and comprehensive solutions. We work together with you to determine your needs and can offer you devices from makers such as HP, IGEL, Dell, Lenovo and Fujitsu, and would also be glad to handle for you the installation of the required software so that you can start using your equipment right away.


Whether Thin Clients, hardware for mobile working, the right software or a suitable form of service, such as the rollout of the equipment, the installing of software and the collecting of old equipment: we would be glad to advise you and without commitment.


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