Digital IT procurement. Save time and money.

You can slim down the purchasing processes in your company and thus reduce costs with E-Procurement. Whether it involves ordering consumables, hardware or software: our E-Procurement solution LiveFlow® supports simple digital procurement and thus smooth IT purchasing.

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What is E-Procurement?

Electronic procurement is the automation of the purchasing process of an organisation in a digital way. This ranges from the procurement of materials up to billing – hence the entire Purchase-to-Pay process.

Just what the E-Procurement process and the interaction of the online catalogue of the supplier on the one hand, and the materials management system of the ordering party on the other hand looks like, can vary.

The routes are digitised and standardised.

In addition, there is an interface via which all the processes from procurement to approvals to ordering up to billing and payment run. Internal and external processes are integrated so simply and a quick overview of the entire process is possible. E-Procurement reduces the process costs and restricts unwanted expenditures by producing transparency, keeping your suppliers in sight and procurement times are markedly shortened thanks to electronic procurement.

LiveFlow: E-Procurement made by ARP.

What is important here is the service quality of the vendor, punctuality, on-demand availability, depth of the range of products and transparency of the procurement process that are basic factors. With LiveFlow we offer you access to a range of more than 30,000 IT products from which you can select your own product palette or give free access to all products. And thereby ensure a high level of availability and rapid procurement processes.

With LiveFlow we can integrate our ARP catalogue into your ERP or purchasing system. This thus eliminates unnecessary manual actions and standardise your electronic procurement. Here you have the choice: we can offer you both standard solutions as well as custom ones – all to meet your own special requirements and wishes.

Purchasing with LiveFlow: Electronic Sourcing made easy

When we implement an E-Procurement solution for you, we work on a suitable interface, take care of the security aspects and discuss together with you the underlying workflows and product selection. In this way we take the load off your IT purchasing. Our E-Procurement solution is thus customised individually for you, taking into consideration various basic technical prerequisites and processes in the company.

How does LiveFlow function as an E-Procurement system?

LiveFlow offers punchout and roundtrip functions. These permit 360-degree integration into the eProcurement system. The user can integrate with the ARP Webshop via an open catalogue interface. The current Open Catalog Interface (OCI) is version 4.0. Our E-Procurement solution can distinguish between user groups by creating multiple different (OCI) catalogues.

As an example: You can give a small user group access to the entire selection of products. Other employees should only be able to see a certain range of it when viewing and ordering. The authorisation levels and user login data secure access to the interface and thus permitted structured purchasing. The secure transmission of data is a matter of top priority for us.

Direct and economical electronic procurement. ARP, your B2B vendor.

Both the inventory status and the purchasing prices of the products that you selected are displayed in real time in your purchasing system. You get the required overview and can further promote your strategic purchasing. Your company operates internationally – and for that reason you would also like to structure your purchasing process globally? With LiveFlow you can also ensure internationally that your procurement system functions and also follows national compliance guidelines. In addition, our solution makes your procurement process transparent across national boundaries as well – it is easy to track all orders.

Of course, we also handle the billing in a clear and practical way via your solution, and if desired, completely electronically by using PDF invoices. Simple, secure and convenient – so that you can concentrate fully on your core business. Here ARP complies with the toughest billing standards. cXML and UBL 2.0 are supported.

The advantages for your company and IT purchasing.

More efficiency for your IT purchasing.

Increase the efficiency and quality of your procurement and optimise the underlying processes. Your purchasing becomes completely transparent.

Save time.

Get rid of unnecessary manual steps, speed up your purchasing and save costs and resources while doing so.

Choose from a wide portfolio.

You can either give your employees access to the entire range of products or else just a selection of them.

Safe processes.

We can guarantee you secure and well proven processes up to complete integration between the electronic catalogues in your ERP system or purchasing system.

Attractive conditions.

We can offer attractive terms and conditions on our range of products.

Make use of the numerous advantages of LiveFlow and slim down the procurement process in your company. Together we will find the best solution for your employees and your company.

Success Stories Digital IT Procurement.

We’re very pleased to have found in ARP a supplier that understands our needs as a global business, gives us expert advice, and always finds solutions that fully satisfy our internal customers, even for special requests – and for orders of all sizes.


Stefan Huwiler

MSD International GmbH


What we appreciate about working with ARP is getting their skilled and fair advice on a daily basis. We're always kept in the loop about new products and upgrades which is very important for our customers. I’m looking forward to continue working with ARP.


Vladimir Bocanek

Anthos Swiss Service Office AG


We like ordering from ARP – their online shop is excellent. And their sales team always has a great advice for us!


Regula Grunow
ParkingTec AG