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Effective Point of Sale information screens.

Even though we all have access to the internet these days, the majority of purchases are still made in brick and mortar shops. Spontaneous purchases at the Point of Sale are an important source of revenue and should not be underestimated. Digital advertising screens positioned at the PoS are a much more effective solution than printed advertising. They provide your customers with better and more targeted information — let them know about the latest offers or help them make decisions using interactive solutions.

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There’s no denying the effectiveness of advertising displays: Moving images always grab our attention and keep us interested longer than classical, printed information. This is exactly where digital signage steps in — informing the customer about current offers and special promotions. Digital signage can influence purchasing choices by interacting with potential customers. For example, they can take model-style pictures with the help of integrated cameras and directly send them to their friends and relatives — their biggest critics and motivators — to receive feedback.  At the same time, your customers discuss your products with their circle of friends, meaning you get more attention on social media and your customers become ambassadors for your business.

The classic in-store TV is less interactive, but no less effective. Let your TV commercials and your advertising speak for themselves. Integrate real-time information from radio and television or create your own formats specifically for this medium. And your in-store TV will pay for itself by potentially being an additional source of income. Give the brands in your range their own advertising space. Your customers stay up-to-date, spend more time in your shop and your products stay in the spotlight.

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Versatile application uses for digital signage at the POS.

There are almost no limits to how you can use digital signage—whether it is a digital shop window advertisement, with which you can draw the attention of passers-by and provide them with information, or a digital price tag, which can give in-store employees availability data. Uses include:

  • Advertising displays
  • Interactive window displays
  • Digital posters
  • In-store TVs
  • Trade fair displays
  • Digital banners
  • Customer stoppers
  • Billboard adverts
  • Digital price tags

Manage and share your content from the headquarter.

All these solutions can be tailored to your design requirements individually. You can vary your advertising, changing the content of displays and players in the shop and shop window either automatically or by location. It’s also possible to display various content in the branches, for events and your general POS marketing activities. Even editorial content can be managed centrally and transmitted to the screens. Possible content for your digital shop front include:

  • Special offers
  • News
  • Videos
  • Images
  • Shop information
  • Prices
  • Brand advertising
  • Interactive contents

Take advantage of the opportunities to communicate professionally with your customers. Using digital window display advertising in your company can have a positive impact on your sales. Don’t hesitate to contact us — no strings attached. We’re by your side—from consultation to set-up in shop windows and displays in your stores. Our experts are looking forward to your call.

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