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Attention is precious, and interactive boards, whiteboards, and projectors make it easier to impart information. 

How can we teach the children of today and tomorrow the skills of the future? The problem of the rising information flood needs digital answers. An interactive whiteboard can help. 

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Young people are constantly being bombarded with new information. Their attention therefore is a valuable commodity. Lessons delivered from the front of the classroom are now competing with the constant availability of information. Students often lose interest quicker in static knowledge transfer due to the sheer amount of information.

Interactive whiteboards are the solution to this problem. Together with interesting content and the opportunity to be a key part of the lesson, learning becomes easier. Keep your audience’s attention.

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Interactive whiteboards in the classroom – more than just a monitor.

Especially in meeting rooms and schools, they’re far more than screens that can show films. The classic lecture-based lesson is being transformed into an interactive and collaborative experience—thanks to modern smart whiteboards. Numerous opportunities to share content and work directly on the smart board make them far more than just an addition to the traditional blackboard.

A special pen allows you and your class to write on the electronic board, meaning you can add notes and details right where you need them.

What can an interactive whiteboard do?

To do this, we need solutions that are intuitive and easy to use, because, let’s face it, we’re only going to use it if it’s easy to pick up.

So the learning curve is very shallow. Anyone currently using a standard board in the classroom with basic computer skills can start using the smart board now, no trouble at all. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get even more out of it by using smart projectors, interactive displays and whiteboards! Use other media to facilitate even better learning! Let the students live their lessons.

The only limit is their imagination—and yours.

Content ideas
  • Meaningful videos.
  • Original recordings of historic speeches.
  • Subject-specific websites.
  • Technical documents.
  • 2D and 3D graphics.
  • Informative animations.
  • Presentations.
  • Images.
  • Text.

As flexible as you are: Interactive whiteboards collaborating with your existing IT.

With various systems, your lessons can be as flexible as you like: Digital whiteboards can replace or complement blackboards in the classroom, while digital flipboards let students work in small groups, whatever the room situation.

You’ll still be able to prepare your lessons at home easily—but now you’ll have the possibility to send your lessons to the interactive boards from existing computers and mobile devices.

Share content from a variety of devices:
  • Computers.
  • Notebooks.
  • Tablets.
  • Smartphones.

Participants can get to grips with the current learning material and interact with the touch screen using special pens or even their fingers. And there are lots of opportunities for group work straight on the digital boards.

How does an interactive whiteboard work?

Basically, an interactive whiteboard works very similarly to a traditional blackboard. You prepare your lesson and use the board’s capabilities to support learning. The difference is, however, that you have many more options than with a normal board. You can:

  • Prepare your lesson and enrich it with interactive elements.
  • Transfer content straight to the smart board.
  • Let your students prepare learning material.
  • Develop ideas individually or in groups of up to 16 people.
  • Save learning progress on a USB stick or to your network.
  • Seamlessly continue with a presentation in the next lesson.
What does an interactive whiteboard cost?

This energy efficient and ergonomic device can be updated automatically with all of the latest updates and therefore is no extra work for your IT. Furthermore, the electronic boards generally detect when you enter a room, and put themselves into standby mode—and turn on when you start using them. And when you leave the room, they turn themselves off again. This is a huge advantage compared to traditional solutions, because you simply can’t leave it switched on by mistake. So you’ll save energy by not having the device on all night and therefore extend its life.

The cost of a whiteboard varies, of course, from model to model depending on the individual requirements and specifications. Our experts in the Digital Signage Team will compile a plan tailored to your needs and personally support you from your first request to roll out with their professional expertise. We also support you once you’re up and running and supply you with comprehensive professional accessories. Everything from a single source.

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