Hardware configuration.

Hardware configuration and software installation.

When you buy a PC, a laptop or a tablet from the manufacturer, it first needs to be configured before it can be incorporated into the corporate network. Under certain circumstances the installation of additional hardware and software will be necessary. Often the item still needs to be inventoried before it is used at the workplace. These repetitive and wearisome tasks cost the heavily-worked IT departments a great deal of time and tie up your valuable employees.

To help you make better use of the working capabilities of your IT administrators, in our capacity as an IT service provider we offer the option to set up your IT equipment such as Notebooks, Tablets, computers and printers to your specifications and to suit your circumstances before it is delivered. Our experts would be glad to advise you and work out together with you the appropriate solution to meet your needs.

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Hardware installation, configuration and IT inventory.

We equip your systems with the requisite hardware according to your specifications. However, AiO devices such as Tablets and Smartphones have different requirements for their hardware configuration and also for their software than is the case with Servers, Notebooks and PCs. We can offer a series of basic services for all your equipment, from an individual device up to the complete IT infrastructure in your company. In addition to a number of checks and tests this includes, among other things:

  • Unpacking and packing.
  • DOA testing, sustained tests over 24 hours.
  • Adapting the hardware configuration by installing additional components.
  • Labelling of the systems to your specifications.
  • Recording the basic data such as the manufacturer, model, type, BIOS version, memory, and much more.
  • Installation of an operating system.
  • Updating the operating system to the current version and carrying out any driver updates as required.
  • Installing additional software according to your specifications.
  • BIOS settings according to your wishes.
  • Packing up for transport.
  • Packing slips with all the relevant information.

Software Installation according to your specifications.

In addition, we can relieve the load even further on your IT department by installing the appropriate software that your employees need in their daily work on the systems directly after the hardware installation. Either this is done by a classic data medium image such as in Microsoft WIM format or by using your own software distribution system directly embedded in our network. The software installation includes these or similar services, depending on the selected variant:

  • Customer images are integrated into our Installation Server.
  • Supported image formats: WIM, Ghost and Acronis (additional formats on request).
  • Installing the image via USB Sticks.
  • The installed software is checked for errors after installation.
  • Checklists are maintained for the relevant project.

As a result, the integration of your IT systems into your IT environment can be done more rapidly and quickly than before. Relieve the load on your IT department. We configure and install and take care of the rollout. If you are interested we can of course handle the entire life cycle management and also take care of the maintenance and the End-of-Life-Management on the basis of SLAs.

IT inventory taking and documentation of hardware and software make subsequent management easier.

We can offer you a large number of additional services over and beyond the installation and the rollout. Network inventory taking together with IT inventory taking give you an overview of the IT assets in your company and make it possible to have clear details of the individual assets for your IT inventory taking. This software inventory taking supports you in your license management and ensures that, for example, that licenses for Windows are not activated twice. This avoids a situation in which there are too few licenses. Leave nothing to chance!

Would you also like to profit from preconfigured and tested hardware that you only need to switch on? Then contact our experts and let them inform you about our comprehensive range of offerings concerning IT services.

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