Green IT and Green Computing.

Sustainability has increasingly come to be regarded as a concept for success in the IT sector in recent years. The resources of our planet are finite, so we must make use of them more efficiently. We attempt to reduce the energy consumption of your IT infrastructure and in the computer centres with modern solutions and concepts. Of course, in the first instance it is not a matter of the associated financial savings. The reduction in CO2 emissions through the use of modern technology and the protection of the environment provide the foundation for optimising the energy consumption of large computer centres. Speak to our experts if you wish to reduce the energy consumption of your datacentre.

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What is Green Computing and how do you make your IT green?

Green IT is the attempt to make the use of IT systems environmentally friendly and economical with resources throughout their entire life cycle. Special measures are taken for the efficient use of resources in all areas during the production, use and disposal of the equipment. As part of the strong Bechtle group, we can help you with many measures to prepare your IT for an energy-efficient future:

  • An effective form of life cycle management accompanies your IT, all the way from procurement to the buying back of used equipment and the recycling of defective equipment.
  • Use technically perfect refurbished equipment in areas in which you do not need maximum performance.
  • Replace your conventional computers with Thin Clients. Offloading your computer capacity to the Server means that this equipment uses up to 20% less energy and at the same time reduces the amount of noise in the offices.
  • Avoid unnecessary printouts and make use of digital communication channels.
  • Use collaboration solutions and make use of Unified Communications to avoid unnecessary business travel.
  • Increase energy efficiency by using the functions for energy management that have been incorporated as standard into operating systems.
  • Virtualisation allows the multiple usage of existing Server hardware. Save money and space in the computer centre and minimise the management costs.

How virtualisation can reduce your electricity consumption and hence expenditures on energy.

Virtualisation is changing the computer centre as quickly as only few technologies have done before. Because the basic underlying principle is very simple: The multiple utilisation of hardware makes markedly better use of the existing infrastructure. Various operating systems with various Servers and tasks can be run on one physical Server instance.

This reduces the number of actual physical Servers with each virtualised task. As a result, not only will the electricity bill for the IT infrastructure be reduced. Fewer servers also mean a direct saving in air conditioning. Since less equipment is in use to produce heat, the computer centre does not need so much cooling to attain the optimal temperature values.

If this is also combined with an intelligent and well thought out form of cooling for the Server, and especially by separating the hot outgoing air from the rest of the system, then the energy efficiency of the computer centre can be increased dramatically. The virtualisation of Server and computing tasks will in future make up a large proportion of a green datacentre.

Why is Green Computing important?

Green Computing, also called Green IT, offers advantages in all areas. An energy-efficient computer centre dramatically reduces operating costs. And it is precisely in computer centres that there are major potential energy savings. Air conditioning, Servers and uninterruptible power supplies together make up the PUE value (Power Usage Effectiveness). It describes the ratio between the total amount of energy required and the energy required by the IT components. And although there are no uniform criteria as yet here to determine the value, a value of 1.5 is generally regarded as very good. Further good reasons that speak in favour of the introduction of sustainable concepts are:

  • It is not always necessary to replace something with the latest gadget. Promote a long life for the equipment in your company.
  • Save storage space and money when you dispose of hardware that is not toxic, or save on Servers through virtualisation.
  • Improve the image of your company.
  • Make use of renewable energy resources to reduce the CO2 footprint of your company and to cut down on the use of fossil resources.
  • Cut energy costs.
  • Reduce or prevent health risks for your employees and customers.

Green IT is more than just a passing fashion. Green IT is a conscious decision for a sustainable form of working, whether in the computer centre or in the offices or during business travels. If you wish to look at this topic more closely, then just give us a call. Our experts would be glad to advise you and draw up a concept together with you so that you can make your IT green.

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