IT Leasing.

Flexible planning - Protected IT-Budget.

Today, IT is an important business driver. It starts with the correct hardware such as computers, copiers or notebooks – and continues on to appropriate accessories or the right software. Without IT the wheels remain still for most companies. Many companies are challenged with the need to keep their hardware up to date, which is important for company success: Studies show that out of date hardware results in slower processes and inefficient work. Today’s employees always expect a modern IT set-up at their workplace.

How can you meet this requirement? The procurement of new computers, notebooks or even printers can quickly eat up large sums of money. A budget that you could invest otherwise and expenses that burden your balance sheet. However, leasing the equipment is a real alternative.

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Copier, computer or printer: Procurement is expensive.

Do you need to own equipment such as printers or computers? Not really. These days companies don’t purchase new computers so that they can proclaim ownership. They only need the hardware so that their employees can work properly. The use of notebooks or copiers receives much more attention nowadays.

IT hardware & software leasing. Multiple advantages, renting instead of buying.

An interesting alternative in this case is to lease equipment: You don’t buy it but rent it. The advantage can be clearly seen: By leasing, large one-off purchases are avoided because you only pay a leasing rate for the equipment. We’ll fix this in advance with you in the leasing contract. Your capital is therefore not committed, and you can invest it in other projects and create more flexibility for your company.

Leasing equipment offers many advantages: thanks to leasing, you can procure new units much more quickly and are not forced to use old multifunctional units, printers or PCs. IT leasing can also help you to easily procure modern units enabling you to equip your company for its future needs.

Avoid high procurement costs by IT leasing.

As part of the Bechtle Group, we have our group’s own financial services provider available and can ask them to work out a suitable leasing plan for large investment sums. You no longer need to make purchases that require a large one-off payment. We determine your leasing requirements in advance, draft a transparent and customer-specific leasing contract and offer you a full service.

It doesn’t matter whether you are making enquiries for a small, medium-sized company, or a large group: IT leasing is interesting to every size of company. We offer you suitable options and conditions that you can flexibly work with. Thanks to leasing, if a unit stops working it can simply and quickly be replaced. We also take care of disposal within the framework of the leasing – you can concentrate on your core business. Discover new opportunities with us!


A summary of the advantages of leasing: 

  • Thanks to IT leasing you can plan optimally and remain financially flexible.
  • We work out a transparent contract - leasing without hidden costs.
  • You do not need to worry about replacement or disposal of hardware.


In addition, we also offer you other services such as hardware and software installation or our repair service. We can directly incorporate these extra expenses in your leasing contract and prepare an overall view. 

ARP - your reliable IT leasing partner.

Leasing allows you to be flexible and if necessary covers not only hardware costs but also additional services. Find out more about different ways of leasing and get in touch with us. Secure liquidity, we are always pleased to give advice!

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