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Remote Management  - Client Management.

The demands made on IT workstations in the current working environment are constantly changing and are increasingly challenging due to their complexity. The effort involved in the maintenance and workplace management of your IT departments is significant.

Would a comprehensive worry-free package via outsourcing be of interest?  Thanks to our managed workplace services, our customers can breathe easily, because we provide support with all servicing issues, repairs or IT-enquiries.  The Managed Workplace is an all-in service, tailor-made for you.

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Optimize your management efforts thanks to Managed Workplace.

Our managed services enable us to provide a trouble-free process flow in your company. This thus enables you to optimize your management efforts. As your reliable partner, we ensure that there is no disruption in your company processes!

How does this IT Managed Service work?

For clarification, let’s take a practical example. You have obtained new hardware and have accessed our leasing offer. If any damage occurs to the leased equipment, a ticket is logged. A service technician will then come to your company to carry out the necessary servicing and repair the device. If there is, for example, a software or user problem, then the service desk incorporated in the workplace management comes into play.

A ticket is logged and we will either solve the problem ourselves or hand it over, where appropriate. By outsourcing the workplace management, your IT department is therefore completely unburdened, because we look after the hardware and the functioning of your workstations.

Why should you use Workplace Management in your company?

Studies show that, whilst IT resources are continuously reduced, more and more jobs end up in this department. It is no surprise, when we take a look at the constantly growing device environment. Using more and more hardware also means that administration effort is constantly increasing. In-house IT-departments can hardly afford this anymore. The outcome: user dissatisfaction and, in the worst-case scenario, delays in important projects due to downtimes. The solution to this is simple and efficient: outsourcing. With us as the managed service provider, you will save time in-house – and, in the bigger picture, also costs for your company.

Ensure that your IT hardware and applications are operating securely and in a controlled fashion, because these are also the work tools of your staff. Optimized maintenance of terminals ensures that these are kept up-to-date. It is also important here to protect your sensitive data in networks. Use our IT services to prevent data theft or losses due to hardware failures.

Where appropriate, our workplace management can be tailored to your companies requirements and comprises all processes related to your Client-System. ARP as part of the Bechtle group is your reliable partner and is happy to provide with advice about this.

Managed Workplace: your comprehensive care-free package with ARP.

As the provider of these Managed Services, we take responsibility for all of the IT-related tasks for your  IT-infrastructure: from the roll-out-to the operation or the administration, in addition to the daily problem solving. These Managed Services are tailored to your company and are customized Workplace Management solutions. The services rendered can therefore vary.

An efficient Workplace Management gives you the freedom to focus on your business and the things that are important. We ensure that everything related to IT runs smoothly. This means less IT-workstation administration and management for you. Our IT-services speed up your processes, standardize your IT-workstations and therefore ensure optimized workflow.

Standard Services.

  • CMDB client’s manual stocktaking and inventory removal
  • Contact person to act on incidents and service requests in German and English
  • Dispatching enquiries to the field service or the manufacturer for IMAC and warranty service matters, amongst other things
  • Provision of monthly service standard reports
  • Regular service review meetings

Optional Services.

  • Remote operation of virtual clients (Desktop Virtualization)
  • Remote operation of virtualized applications (Applications Virtualization)
  • Remote operation of the software distribution environment
  • Remote operation of the virus protection solution used by the client
  • Remote applications support for standard applications

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Service desk providing 1st and 2nd level support for IT-
  • Client Management
  • Remote management for server (File, Print, Mail, Backup, Virtualization, Terminal-Services, Databases)
  • Remote management for networks (Access, Core, Datacenter, WLAN)
  • Remote management of firewalls, Mail Security, Web Security, intrusion prevention, authentication
  • Complete solutions for the medium-sized (infrastructure, migration and operation)
  • Infrastructure and IT operating performance from the Bechtle affiliate cloud
  • Installation services for clients and servers
  • Stock-taking and reutilization of old equipment

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We’re very pleased to have found in ARP a supplier that understands our needs as a global business, gives us expert advice, and always finds solutions that fully satisfy our internal customers, even for special requests – and for orders of all sizes.


Stefan Huwiler

MSD International GmbH


What we appreciate about working with ARP is getting their skilled and fair advice on a daily basis. We're always kept in the loop about new products and upgrades which is very important for our customers. I’m looking forward to continue working with ARP.


Vladimir Bocanek

Anthos Swiss Service Office AG


We like ordering from ARP – their online shop is excellent. And their sales team always has a great advice for us!


Regula Grunow
ParkingTec AG


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