Help Centre - Shipping and delivery.

Shipping and delivery

You can always see up-to-date availability information for each product on our website. Products that are in stock typically arrive with you within 24 to 48 hours.
Deliveries incur a flat transaction fee incl. shipping costs of €9.90.
If the carrier provides tracking information, you can see this in the order details. In your user account, find the order under 'Orders' or 'Delivery notes'. Then click on 'Options' and select 'Track order' . You can see details for each consignment in your order, including the carrier, products and quantities they contain. To open the carrier's tracking website, just click on the consignment no.
Unfortunately, we cannot provide tracking information in all cases. Learn more
You can find your shipping addresses under the heading 'Addresses & Payment' in your account. You can add, modify or delete addresses as required.
Yes. Authorised users can add new invoice and shipping addresses as required. Check 'can manage addresses and cost centres' in the user type.
You can find an overview of your delivery notes under the heading 'Products & Purchasing' in your account. You may choose to save delivery notes as a CSV file via the 'Options' drop-down list.
In the 'Returns' section of your account, you can notify us if your order was damaged in transit. We will approve your request for a return promptly and send you a return note.
It is not currently possible to order products for scheduled deliveries.
We do not currently offer deliveries to overseas addresses. If you have any further questions, please contact us via the blue communication box at the bottom right of the screen.